Coca-Cola ‘One Brand’ Strategy, New Global Campaign

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Coca-Cola ‘One Brand’ Strategy, New Global Campaign

Coca-Cola ‘One Brand’ Strategy, New Global Campaign

A very interesting article about a new global marketing campaign “Taste the Feeling” from Coca Cola. A ‘One Brand’ Strategy,  to Unite the Coca-Cola Trademark:

“Marking a significant shift in its marketing strategy, Coca-Cola today announced that for the first time, all Coke Trademark brands will be united in one global creative campaign: “Taste the Feeling.”

Chief Marketing Officer Marcos de Quinto, who unveiled the “one brand” approach at a media event in Paris, said the strategy extends the equity and iconic appeal of the world’s No. 1 beverage brand to Coca-Cola Light/Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life. It also underscores the company’s commitment to choice, offering consumers whichever Coca-Cola suits their taste, lifestyle and diet – with or without calories, with or without caffeine.”

Read the whole story on the Coca Cola site: “‘One Brand’ Strategy, New Global Campaign

Or take a look at the image gallery for “Taste the feeling out-of-home ads

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