Alhambra Beer – Mahou-San Miguel Group

Branding, Packaging design

Alhambra Beer – Mahou-San Miguel Group

Alhambra Beers – Mahou – San Miguel Group

Restyling  branding & packaging

The task was to redesign the brand and the packaging for the three varieties of Alhambra: Alhambra Especial, Alhambra Premium Lager y Alhambra SIN (Non-alcoholic). we carried out the restyling for primary and secondary packaging for the different formats of bottle and can.

We had to communicating in the pack brand values of authenticity, craft character, quality – savoir-faire, sincerity and closeness. Also, increase differentiation between Alhambra Especial and Alhambra Premium Lager. Enhance the Arab / Moorish style background reminiscent of Granada that is highly valued by consumers of the brand.


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