Cookies policy

General Information

This cookies policy (the “Cookies Policy”) is intended to inform you in a clear and precise manner about the cookies that are used on our Website.

The Website uses cookies, as well as other technological devices in order to provide certain services and functions, as well as facilitating your navigation through the Website and to identify problems to improve it. We recommend that Users read our Cookie Policy to inform themselves about the responsible use that DelaMata makes of them and about the options for configuring your browser to manage them.


A cookie is a file that is downloaded on your device (computer or mobile device), in order to store data that may be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for their installation.

Type of cookies used on the Website

Our Website uses the cookies described below:

Own Cookies. These are cookies that are sent to your computer and managed exclusively by us for improved functioning of the Website. The information we collect is used to improve the quality of our service and your user experience. These cookies are retained in your browser for a longer period of time, allowing us to recognize you as a repeat visitor to the Website and adapt the content to offer you content adapted to your preferences.

cookie_notice_accepted Cookie needed to know if you have accepted cookies in the web navigation. Own Cookies. Expiration 30 days.
_icl_current_language necessary to remember the chosen navigation language

Third-party cookies. These are cookies that are processed by us or by third parties, that allow us to quantify the number of Users and thus perform a measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by the Users of the offered service. For this purpose your navigation on our website is analysed in order to improve the offer of products or services that we offer you.

_ga is used to recognise the Users. Google Property with expiration of 2 years.
_Gid is used to distinguish the Users. Google Property with expiration of 24 hours.
_gat is used to limit the percentage of requests. Google Property with expiration of 1 minute.

How to Disable or Block Cookies

We would like to inform you that, since cookies are not necessary to use our Website, you can block or disable them by selecting the settings of your browser that allow you to decline the installation of all necessary cookies or some of them. If you block them you can continue using our Website, although the use of some of its services may be limited and therefore your navigation on our Website will be less satisfactory.

Below are links for the management and blocking of cookies depending on the browser you use:
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