Packaging redesign

Bonduelle is one of the most important brands of canned and frozen vegetables.

The aim of this project was to revamp its main range of products by replacing its plastic packaging with cardboard, while highlighting the vegetables’ naturalness and quality through the product photography.

Bonduelle “A Touch of”

We have redesigned the “A touch of” range, keeping it natural with wooden backgrounds, pleasing photographs, and the use of vibrant colors and casual fonts to engage younger customers.

Bonduelle Frozen Vegetables

Its range of Frozen Vegetables is comprised of three lines: Basics, Sautéed and Specialties. We have created a uniform range whose common elements are green tones, wood and natural textures. The Basics range’s photographs underscore the vegetables’ naturalness and freshness.

To round out its range of frozen vegetables, Bonduelle has launched “Deliciously puréed”, a vegetable side dish ready in 4 minutes.

We have created packaging that enhances the product’s appeal while maintaining consistency with the rest of the range and emphasizing its practicality and flavour.

Bonduelle Your Recipes

The objective of this project was that it had to be very clear that it is a product already cooked, ready to consume. For this we created a close and suggestive naming and a packaging that highlights the appetizing and naturalness of the recipes with the use of wood, kitchen elements and manual fonts.