Casimiro Mahou

Packaging design

The Casimiro Mahou specialty beer collection is a signature range created by Mahou’s master brewers as a tribute to the brand’s founder.

To tell the story of the first artisanal brewers who created Mahou 127 years ago, we investigated brand landmarks and emblematic sites going back to the brand’s roots: Amaniel, the Madrid factory where Casimiro’s dreams of beermaking began; Marcenado, as a tribute to the first maltería the family owned; Maravillas, a tribute to its wallpaper factory; and Jacometrezo, the little grocery store where he shared his dreams with the society of the era.

We developed a global identity, creating a premium brand with its own personality and that transmits all the tradition and quality for which Mahou is known.

For this we brought back graphic elements from the brand’s early days, such as its founder’s signature and engravings from its historical archives. The bottle’s design is based on the original one from 1890, preservingX details such as Casimiro Mahou’s name embossed on the glass.