Brand and packaging redesign.g

Jolca is a Spanish brand with over 60 years of experience in the production, selection, packing, and commercialization of olives in preserves and pickles. It is a business with strong roots in the land and the cultivation of olive groves in the south of Spain.

To meet the clients aspiration to lead and shake up the product category Delamata worked closely with Jolca to shape a new brand architecture, brand promise, and brand values; deciding to add into the mix new values to encompass all that the brand should stand for going forward: Know how / Flavour & Variety / Innovation & Modernity / Sociability.

We refined Jolcas product offer and created two main product categories: The Core Range, with a diverse collection of offerings and ‘Artes de Jolca’ with a more select offering of more premium stuffed olives, as well as other carefully elaborated product recipes.