Pazo de San Mauro

Brand identity and packaging

The Manor House of San Mauro was constructed in 1591, in an idyllic setting, surrounded by many myths and legends, where the Albariño grape matures slowly to create this intense and aromatic wine.

Delamata created a premium identity, uniting tradition with a touch of freshness.

We created an ornamental based design, inspired by the artistic tiles so identifiable with the area bordering both sides of the Miño river. We took reference too, from the shields and architectural details of the facade of the Manor House, as well as the turquoise colour from the window frames, which served as the inspiration for our selection of the turquoise colour, characteristic of the brands new visual identity. This bold and distinctive colour helps evoke the freshness and stature of this premium Miño based wine.

We created a simplified and graphic representation of the shield from the facade of the Manor House, to create the new symbol for the winery.