Brand and packaging redesign

Rianxeira is a traditional and much-loved brand in Spain, with strong recognition in the mind of the consumer but with an outdated image.

Preserving the core brand values, Delamata has maximised the brand’s most distinctive and emotive attributes.

In pursuit of a higher quality image, we challenged the established codes within the sector; doing away with product photography, and carrying out in-depth segmentation work, to create new colour codes and a bold iconic identity to help take the brand forward.

Taking inspiration from the original Rianxeira logo, based on Sofia Loren, we have created a more updated and memorable iconic identity for the brand.

“This new Rianxeira image responds to the objective of the brand, which is to help people to enjoy more and better seafood, focusing our efforts on protecting and caring for those who make a living from this sector.”

Jesús Manuel Alonso

President of Jealsa