Packaging design

Chocolates Valor launches its range of soluble cocoas onto the market. They are products that are aimed at an adult target who likes to enjoy a glass of intensely flavored cocoa.

Our challenge was to make it stand out on the shelves as something unique and different, giving importance to its main attribute: the percentage of cocoa it contains.

We created a pack with a white background that is easy to identify in a linear in which red and yellow colors predominate.

“Undoubtedly, in Delamata, we have a reliable and effective partner to be competitive, notorious and relevant in categories as competitive as Chocolate or Soluble Cocoa. Whenever we turn to them, they return several proposals for packaging solutions, which complicates us certainly the selection, due to their high quality and originality. To date, their developments have had a fantastic acceptance at the point of sale.”

Carlos Valbuena

Marketing Manager of Valor Chocolates