Asturiana Vegetanea

Branding and packaging design.

We present our latest project for Central Lechera Asturiana: the packaging and branding design for Vegetánea, a new range of 100% vegetable drinks, spreads and yogurts.

The prominence in the pack focuses on the main ingredient of each variety, with a simple but quality photo. We have proposed a solid and light range architecture, in which white predominates, highlighting the color corresponding to each variety.

By bringing the ingredients to the fore and highlighting the seal without E’s, we make it clear that it is a plant-based product, healthy and with nothing to hide.

“Working with Delamata is very simple, good communication at the time of the briefing, key to start with proposals aligned to the project. The development and all the execution flows and it is as if they were an extension of the internal team. Very satisfied with the results and with the human team behind it. Congratulations!”

María González Roces

Innovation Marketing Manager (Capsa)