La Cocinera

Branding and packaging redesign of the frozen products range.

La Cocinera is a beloved brand in Spain with significant recognition in the minds of consumers, but both the branding and packaging were somewhat outdated. It was important to redesign the range without losing the brand’s values: product quality, tradition, craftsmanship, and recipes prepared ‘just like home.’

The goal was to reach a younger audience who doesn’t have time to cook but appreciates quality traditional food, while still maintaining brand recognition among its loyal customers.

We modernized the visual identity, giving it a younger and friendlier touch. We reintroduced the brand’s founding date in the brand block, reaffirming its traditional character. We also took the opportunity to give more prominence to the iconic checkered tablecloth, doubling its presence and increasing visibility on the shelves.

Another important aspect of the redesign was to meticulously craft the product photography, creating appetizing scenes with a homely atmosphere and high-quality ingredients.

We simplified all the information on the packaging, organizing the key messages and keeping only the most relevant ones. We used color codes for differentiation between varieties and textured backgrounds to differentiate between product lines: slate for ‘Artesanas,’ wood for ‘Crujientes,’ and burlap for ‘Sabrosísimas’.

For the new range extension of oven-baked croquettes, we emphasized the oven tray, maintaining consistency with the rest of the range, where the preparation method is prominently displayed.

The result is a more modern and enticing brand that doesn’t compromise on tradition.